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  • We have accounts in Amazon Prime, Ebay, Overstock, Wayfair, COSTCO, Sam’s Club and many other to help you make your purchases and take advantage of special offers.
  • We also have a very competitive source for auto parts and motorcycle parts and accessories.

Ocean Service

Our ocean service gives you the option to ship large bulky items that would otherwise be too expensive by air. We charge by the volume NOT by weight. This means if you can put 50 pounds in a box measuring in inches 12x12x12 = one cubic foot = $15.0 plus Honduran customs. We do offer a special container rate that includes all charges but only for December XMAS.

Ocean shipments leave once per month on the last week of the month, as a guide, you can consider the last Thursday of each month as the deadline / cut-off to have the packages received at our warehouse. Customs will also require the invoice so, please do the same as air shipping. As soon as you make the purchase and download the invoice email it to [email protected].  This service is less restrictive than air service, so lithium batteries can be shipped but any flammable or explosives are prohibited.

Air Shipping Service

We are offering a new service as of January 1, 2022, our shipments will be routed via San Pedro Sula (SPS) but we will clear customs here in Roatan.  Our Miami office operations continue and will begin to handle our ocean shipments. This means now we will only have one address both the ocean (O) services and air (A) service  for example:

John Doe RAS-1001-O 2900 NW 79TH AVE UNIT F-24 DORAL, FL 33172-5071

John Doe RAS-1001-A 2900 NW 79TH AVE UNIT F-24 DORAL, FL 33172-5071

It is extremely important to use the complete address as shown above in particular the unit number.  All calls for customer service will continue to be handled in Roatan tel. +504-9596-2475 WhatsApp and FB messenger RASXPRESS.  We will begin our A service with twice per week shipments, one on Wednesday and the other on Fridays. The cut-off or deadline to have mail or package arrive at our warehouse is the day before, TSA regulations require a 24-hour waiting period to load cargo on airplanes, so we deliver to the airline the day before departure.  When you register your account, you will receive a notification by email when a package arrives this also serves as a reminder to send the invoice if you haven’t already done so.


The same restrictions apply for restricted articles, like lithium batteries, flammables, etc.  The airline has the right to refuse any prohibited article and report it to TSA, so our office will check all packages and also look for invoices. This cannot be over emphasized, the new procedure to transit San Pedro Sula makes this requirement a zero-tolerance process for not presenting invoices. So we kindly ask you to send each invoice as given to you by the vendor to [email protected] PLEASE do this as soon as you make the purchase, so we don’t have to be calling you for it. Failing to do so will result in customs delays and possible fines for attempting to import without documentation.


Our new offer gives you the chance to choose the box size that best fits your needs, small, medium or large.  The allowable weight for each account will include mail and packages, a change from before where the allowable weight was only for mail and packages were charged additionally.  The new rates reflect the extra cost involved with the new routing via SPS.  There are other charges like fuel surcharge, documentation and insurance.  Customs duties are paid separately



Monthly charge $30.0 allowable weight 4 pounds both mail & packages. Additional weight $5.25 per pound. One month deposit is required. Additional weight from the allowable and customs duties have to be paid upon pick up.



Monthly charge $45.0 allowable weight 7 pounds both mail & packages.  Additional weight $5.25 per pound. One month deposit is required. Additional weight from the allowable and customs duties have to be paid upon pick up.



Monthly charge $60.0 allowable weight 10 pounds both mail & packages. Additional weight $5.25 per pound. One month deposit is required. Additional weight from the allowable and customs duties have to be paid upon pick up.


Customers who prefer to use the service as PAY AS YOU GO will use a general account 600, where you don’t have a monthly charge and the rate is $2.75 per ounce for documents and $7.95 per pound for packages no minimum.


2900 NW 112 AVE UNIT F24

DORAL, FL 33172-5071


Additional Information

  • Email for customer service [email protected] use this for all billing and tracking questions.
  • Email for invoices to [email protected], please send the exact invoice that your vendor provides you at the moment you make the purchase. THIS IS A MUST.
  • The customer who kept their account current will keep their box number and receive preferential rates in appreciation for their support during difficult times, that account will appear on your bill as SPECIAL. 
  • The customers who closed their account and are all paid up will have preference in keeping their box number.
  • The customers who still have outstanding balance will need to pay the open balance before using our services. 
  • Air shipment schedule arrives in Roatan each Wednesday and Monday, we plan on clearing customs the following day. Our new system will alert you when your package is received in Miami and when it is ready for pick up here at our office.  To take advantage of this convenience, we need you to register your name with your email, so stop by the office when you get a moment.
  • Our new website has the capacity to alert you when a package has been received in our Miami warehouse and when it is ready for pick up.  We will be sending out invitations for you to register for this service or you can stop by our office and we will take care of it.
  • All mail and packages shipped to us via US mail are arriving late. In some cases, packages are delivered to the wrong address, even though the tracking shows it was delivered.
  • There will be insurance for loss or damages for all packages to cover up to 80% of the value of the purchase.  You MUST open the package at our office so we can confirm the damage and validate your claim.
  • Northbound shipments will be available by ocean once per month provided, we meet the minimum required. This service will be door to door which includes US customs clearance and ground transport to final destination in the USA and Canada.